New Patient

Custom Made New Patient Forms Are A Good Idea For Your Office Or Practice

Custom made new patient forms are a good idea for your office or practice to pursue. Many offices or practices try to save money anywhere and any time they can, so frugal office managers might try to cut corners and download free or cheap templates online and then photocopy them en masse. Is this really a good way to go though? Generic templates might have lots of wasted questions and request for information that you do not need from your patients, and they might also gloss over or entirely skip pertinent things you do need to know.

New patient forms are part of the process of your office establishing a relationship with a patient, so it is imperative to have the forms done right. While free templates might serve as a good starting point, it is a good idea to review several to pull the ideas that you like while also working the things you need into your new design. When you have a new patient form customized to your actual practice, you might have to spend a little money at first, but you might also save tremendous payroll down the road with the natural increase in efficiency that comes with having employees being able to process the forms and information much faster.

Your ability to deliver care to new patients will also expand with custom forms. It is also a chance to make your practice requirements known to a new patient, as well as establish any internal branding that you prefer. With luck, a new patient turns into a regular patient, and their new patient form starts their file with you. A custom designed and carefully printed new patient form makes a far better impression than something downloaded quickly off the Internet and then haphazardly printed on generic copy paper.

View and Test our Pre-Made New Patient forms below


This form was created to gather the data needed for a Dentist office to be able to setup a new patient