Employment Application

 Custom Made Employment Applications To Help You Find Workers

You can use custom made employment applications to help you screen a few different people before you hire them. To figure out where to find the right applications and what they need to have on them, you should check over the guidelines here.

What are you legally allowed to ask for and does the form have anything on it you should get rid of? If you, for instance, ask someone what their religion is and then you don’t hire them, you are setting yourself up to be sued. You need to just get the basic info on who they are and where they’ve worked before so you can look into their past. Not hiring someone over something like their race, sex, or anything else like that can lead to problems if the person can prove that’s why they weren’t hired.

If you are copying another application form, you have to make sure you take off signs of the other company you got it from. Try to make it easy to fill out but have it contain enough information about someone that you don’t have to call to confirm anything. It’s easier to save time if you ask for past jobs and the phone numbers for them than if you were to just get the name of the jobs they had before. People that want a job probably are filling out many applications all the time and if you can make it a smooth process you can get a lot more results quickly.

Being able to print out some custom made employment applications can give you the ability to get information on potential employees. Be aware of what you’re legally allowed to ask someone just to be on the safe side. You also need enough information to help you do a background check before hiring someone.

View and Test our Pre-Made Employment Application forms below


This form was created for a simple employment application

This form was created for people to apply for driver employment. this application consists of 3 different sections

This form was created for people to apply for employment. this application consists of 3 different sections